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Kid's Quilt Coat - Indigo Dyed 12 mo

Kid's Quilt Coat - Indigo Dyed 12 mo

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This quilt coat was made using a vintage quilt sourced from East Tennessee, from around the 1950s. It has been overdyed using an organic indigo. It is in good condition for its age, but does include signs of wear appropriate to its age. Since it is dyed with a natural dye - it is normal to see imperfections. Dyed with plants, set with a vinegar wash & washed with natural detergent. The more the garment is washed and/or left in the sun - the more likely it is to fade over time.

The pattern created for this coat has been designed for children! With a small snap at the top to keep it on them if desired. 

This quilt has held up well over time. Always remember that this coat is made from an antique quilt that has seen decades of love. It has already been washed and hung to dry!


arm (shoulder to wrist): 9.5"

length (shoulder to bottom): 13”

width (pit to pit): 13.5"

* antique garment care *

first, remember this is a piece of history - likely around 100 years old. you will see signs of wear, and likely see small tears and stains, which is totally normal! take proper care and be gentle - mending as needed.

washing - deep clean about once a year by soaking in cool water with a gentle or plant based soap - preferably unscented. gently agitate and let it sit for a while - then lay flat in the sun to dry and disinfect! feel free to email us with any maintenance questions

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