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reclaim creative was founded in 2020 by allie chamberlain - an architect, slow fashion advocate, and self-taught sewist who comes from a long lineage of appalachian and western kentucky quilters.

our garments are crafted from repurposed and vintage textiles - most often vintage quilts that are decades, if not one-hundred years old. they are made with love, often made by hand, and hold heritage within their threads.

our work is all sewn right here in knoxville, tn by a small team in our studio! we respect the love poured into these textiles, and pour just as much love into repurposing them into garments and goods that you will love, cherish, and pass down.

these pieces are meant to be worn often, cherished, mended, and repurposed at the end of their life. please email us at hello@reclaimcreative.space with any questions! or view our FAQ & contact pages below.