care guide

what to expect.

WEAR - as with all antique garments, there are likely some spots of wear on your new piece. the quilts and textiles we work with are typically 100+ years old, so you may find bits of character! we reinforce all worn patches and any signs of wear will not affect the durability of the garment. just be gentle and handle with care while washing!

STAINS - all quilts and textiles have been washed before ending up in your hands. after decades of love, a quilt garment might have a few stains, we will never toss a lovely quilt just because it has a few spots!

TINY THREADS - very often, little threads can be left over from the sewing process, or coming from the quilt. this is totally normal!! we try to clip as many as we can, but might miss a few. feel free to cut these off, it will not affect the construction of your garment!

** if you see new wear and tear developing, feel free to patch and mend - it only adds to the history of the textile and allows it to live on!! **.

cleaning - quilt garments.

we recommend that you deep clean quilt coats about once a year (at most) and spot clean, or lay flat in the sun as needed. it is helpful to push your typical laundry routine aside when it comes to caring for these garments.

  • deep clean - fill a tub or container with cold water and any gentle or plant-based soap - preferably fragrance free. place the quilted garment inside, gently agitate and repeat until the water is clear. lay flat in the sun to dry.
  • spot clean - with a bit of soap and cold water as needed
  • another method - lightly wet your garment, turn it inside out and let it lay or hang in the sun. this is how quilts used to be cleaned! the sun is a natural disinfectant!

** if you have any questions or hesitations - send us and email and we will help you determine the best way to care for your garment **.

cleaning - towel garments.

we recommend that you clean towel garments semi-regularly. the more gentle the cleaning, the longer they last! these are a bit less fragile than quilt garments.

machine wash - you can wash on a gentle cycle & hang dry

hand wash - you can gently hand wash these garments & hang dry

more questions about cleaning pieces from us? shoot us an email!