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Made To Order - Tumbling Blocks Quilt Coat

Made To Order - Tumbling Blocks Quilt Coat

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This is a made to order quilt coat. This vintage quilt coat will be made from this tumbling block quilt from the 1960s - it will be turned into a coat in your custom length and sizing!

The pattern for this coat has been designed to fit a variety of bodies, intentionally open-faced with no buttons or zippers (unless you add snaps), long and loose around the mid section to be accommodating.

This quilt is on the light to medium weight side, perfect for layering up in the winter, and oversized to layer on top of sweaters or liners, or under thicker coats. But thin enough to wear in the warmer months too!

This quilt uses a tumbling block quilt pattern, and has aged well - in great condition with no signs of wear and tear and is hand stitched. Always remember that this quilt is vintage and has seen decades of love.

* antique garment care *

first, remember this is a piece of history - likely around 100 years old. you will see signs of wear, and likely see small tears and stains, which is totally normal! take proper care and be gentle - mending as needed.

washing - deep clean about once a year by soaking in warm water with an appropriate soap. gently agitate and let it sit for a while - then let it lay in the sun to dry and disinfect! feel free to email us with any maintenance questions.

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